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302 Trumpet Branch Road
Olin, N.C. 28660
Iredell County

Saturday March 17, 2012 @ 10 am

personal property of the late

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde White – estates
& Gerald White – estate
& personal property items
from the collection of Gene White

Directions:  from Statesville, N.C. take I-77 North to Tomlin Mill Road (exit # 59; Olin, N.C. exit), then Left for +/- ¾ mile to Jennings Road, then Right for +/- 5½ miles to Trumpet Branch Road, then Left for +/- ½ mile to the White’s Homeplace.

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Antique Furniture & Etc.
mid 1800s Walnut Drop Leaf  Table, 48” wide x 45” long
early Rosewood Piano Stool w/ original horse hair seat
Walnut primitive spindle & spool Rope Bed
primitive spindle & spool wooden Bed, in paint & pegged
“Sellers” Dep. Era green enamel top Breakfast Table w/ drawer
Pine Farm table
Oak work Kitchen Table w/ large drawer
early 1800’s wooden Child’s Chairs
primitive wooden Child’s arm Potty Chair
vintage wooden Child’s Chairs
pair vintage Oak School Chairs
2 vintage wooden Foot Stools w/ needlepoint seats
vintage wooden Foot Stools
Victorian metal Fire Screen
Oak Arts & Crafts movement Fire Screen
Oak Arts & Crafts movement Magazine Rack
Oak Arts & Crafts movement Planter Stand
Inlayed Checker Board Table Top
hand crafted metal Fire Place Tool Set
Federal Shaving Mirror Stand
small Walnut mid 1900s Presentation Box
large Pine dovetailed Storage Box
several wooden storage Boxes
Walnut w/ inlay desk set Cabinet w/ ink well holder
vintage wooden folding emergency Stretcher

Guns, Knives & Etc.
22 lever action mod. 150 Winchester Rifle
12 ga. single shot Iver Johnson Shotgun
22 auto. mod. 99C Marlin Rifle
12 ga. pump Revelation Arms Shotgun
20 ga. single shot C.B.C. Shotgun
20 ga. single shot Chash Shotgun
old Military Badges
Homemade Knives
Lone Ranger & Tonto Pocket Knife
Davy Crockett Pocket Knife
Boy Scout Pocket Knife
Pocket Knives
1885 Military Picture

early Farmstead Tools
early “J. Leinback N.C.” round wooden Grain Measurer
early wooden round Grain Measurer
pat. 1878 Wagon Jack, Prescont’s Standar #1
vintage wooden Grain Screen
early wooden folding Tin Smith Vise
vintage Tobacco Basket
vintage tobacco basket 2 man wooden Carrier
vintage Ice Tongs
vintage wooden & metal Hide Stretcher Boards
3 gal. wooden Bucket
primitive Bird Cage for Pigeons
vintage Buttress Farrier Tools
vintage Tannery Hide Scraper
vintage Hog Scrapers
vintage Dibbe or Tobacco Pegs
vintage wooden Milk Crates
new “old Stock” Stanley Door Hinges
large pr. pat. 1911 Swinging Door Hinges

early & vintage Tools
early 1800s wooden Plow Plane by T.J. M’Master & Co., Auburn N.Y.
early wooden Plow Planes (H. Nash, W&Sherman N.Y., S.N. White, W. Parkes, J. Knox, others)
large wooden Joiner Plane (5½”x32”)
other wooden Planes
nice collection of vintage Folding Rulers & Measures
“Yankee” # 30A Spiral Ratchet Screw Driver w/ box
Stanley Wood Scraper # 80 w box
Oak dovetailed Chisel wooden Box w/ chisels
G.E. Henry wooden Bow Saw
other wooden Bow Saws
vintage wooden handle Hand Augers
vintage wooden handle Hand Spoon Augers
+/- 25 pieces of vintage Sand Casting Tools

Baskets, Pottery, Art Pottery & Bottles
small fine woven Basket, 6¼” between handles
nice 3 handle Oak Basket
several Oak Baskets
vintage split Oak Picnic Basket
vintage Baskets
Indian Pottery Jar by Marie
small Painted Indian Trade Pottery Jar
Indian Trade Pottery
Peters & Reed “Moss Aztec” 2 handle Pottery Vase
Peters & Reed “Moss Aztec” Spittoon
Pottery Memory Jug
Face Pottery Pitcher
early Red Ware Pottery Pitcher
Pottery Milk Pitchers & Jugs
Pottery Milk Crocks
Spongeware Pottery Mixing Bowl
vintage Pottery Mixing Bowls
2 large McCoy Pottery Mixing Bowls
2 Salt Glaze Pottery Pieces
2 Bread Pudding Pottery Bowls w/ corn design inside
Shawnee Corn Tray # 96
Shawnee Corn covered serving Bowl #74
Shawnee (?) Corn Salt & Pepper
Weller Art Pottery Planter
pair Roseville Book-Ends, #16
Roseville Freesia Vase, 896-8
Red Cliff Art Pottery Candleholder
McCoy Art Pottery
4 Red Wing Plates
Art Pottery
vintage Pottery Candy Mold
vintage Pottery Frogs
2 gal. Rowe Pottery Lamp w/ blue cobalt flower decoration
modern Green Pottery Chicken Jug
signed Contemporary Pottery
Royal Crown & Pepsi-Cola metal 6 pack bottle Carrier
vintage Drink Bottles
early miniature “Sample” Medicine Bottle, “Apino” Wilmington, N.C.
early miniature “Sample” Medicine Bottles
set of Barber Bottles
13 glass Medicine Bottles w/ glass stoppers
vintage Bottles

1940’s Amoco Sign (Freedom is Everybody’s Job!), 27½” x 44”
Amoco sign (got ‘em all!), 27½” x 44”
3 Amoco Signs (Make It All The Way!), 26¼” x 42½” {Bernhard uitho in USA}
1913 Oak Rail Road Map Box
B&M Rail Road cloth Water Bucket
Tobacco “Old Gold” Advertisement metal Sign, 14”x33”
+/- 10 early Cigar Box advertisement store display Glass Covers
vintage Cigar Boxes
vintage metal  advertisement Dust Pan “Southern Furniture Co., Winston-Salem, NC”
vintage Advertisement Tin Biscuit / Cracker Boxes w/ glass lids
vintage Sloan’s Cleaner Clothes Hangers; Statesville, N.C.
Advertisement Fans (White Construction, Olin NC; Lazenby-Montgomery, Statesville NC; B.C. Ostwalt, Troutman NC; Blackwelder’s, Statesville NC; T.H. Wallace Grocery, Hamptonville NC; Boone Cola)
vintage Advertisement Flour Bags
100’s of Statesville, N.C. Advertisement Pencils
Advertisement Display Racks
Prince Albert Advertisement Tins & Papers
“Golden Grain” Burley Tobacco Bag
vintage Razor Blades in Boxes
vintage National Postal Scale
1915 store checkout Textile Measure
metal “Fine-O-Meter” Paid Box
Advertisement Items
Jumbo Peanut Butter Advertisement Jars
“Old Quaker” Pretzels Advertisement 6½ lb. Tin
vintage wooden Advertisement Boxes & Crates

Glassware & Stemware
2 Cut Glass Vases
5 Glass & Crystal Decanters
+/- 7 Liquor Decanters
Art Glass
pair Waterford Salt & Pepper
+/- 42 pieces gold rim Crystal Stemware
+/- 20 pieces America Fostoria Glassware
9 piece pink Arcoroc Water Set, France
Etched Glass Dresser Jar w/ Sterling Lip
Moser (?) Gold w/ white flower Green Stemware
Moser (?) Gold w/ white flower Red Pitcher
Diamond Point patterned covered Compote
Miss America divided Plates
18 green Dep. Glass Sherbets, Block Optic pattern
Fenton Glassware
+/- 16 piece set Ruby Stemware
pair green w/ gold trim Salt & Pepper (Souvenir of Gettysburg 1863)
vintage Sunflower patterned cover Glass Bowl
vintage Strawberry patterned cover Glass Bowl
vintage Daisy & Button patterned Open Compote
vintage Daisy patterned Glass Water Pitcher
vintage patterned Square Glass Water Pitcher
vintage patterned Glass Water Pitchers
vintage ruffle edge patterned Glass Bowls (colored & clear)
array of vintage patterned Glassware
Geisha Girl style Biscuit Jar
7 piece Glass footed Berry Set
10 Daisy & Button Fan Plates
Lotus & Dragon Carnival Bowl
Carnival Glassware
pr. Blue Indiana Iridescent Carnival Compote
Dep. Era Salt & Pepper Sets
vintage Glass Desk Sets
Dep. Glassware
Dep. Era Refrigerator Bowls
Dep. Era Juicers

Porcelain & China
Victorian Portrait Vase
+/- 80 pieces China by Homer McLaughlin from “Green Park Inn”, Boone N.C.
+/- 20 pieces of Occ. Japan China
Blue Ridge Dinnerware
Blue Willow Plates
6 place setting Fire King Dinnerware
China & Porcelain Pieces
Porcelain Serving Pieces
Capo-Di-Monte floral decorated Vase

Painting, Prints & Etc.
signed Painting on canvas by L. Sohler (Germany)
pair rd. floral Paintings on porcelain by R. Thompson dated 1893
large Victorian Family Photograph in gold frame (Notman & Jon 1904)
large framed Clown Print
nice large Sampler w/ poetry verse
Victorian round Chimney Cover
matted & framed number Print “Yates Mill” by Jerry Miller
vintage Jumbo Post Cards
large framed 1947 City of Davidson N.C. Plat Map

small Antiques & Collectibles
nice 19”x26” folk art chicken Hook Rug
nice blue & white Homespun Coverlet
dated 1905 miniature wooden Bark handmade oval Dresser Box
+/- 15 old Theater Movie Reels (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Abbott & Costello and others)
1930 “RKO” metal Film Carrier
3 piece George Cowan Cutlery Set, Sheffield England w/ sterling band & stag handles
Sterling Pens
vintage Fountain Pens
Germany Steins & Pitcher Tanker
German metal Head Doll w/ wooden cradle
several vintage Pottery & Glass Ink Wells
vintage Syrup Pitchers (glass, porcelains, pewter & silver)
Shaving Mirrors
Gretchel Marionette
Lone Ranger Album & Cover
pr. vintage Davy Crocket Decals
box lot of Toys
2 vintage Baseball Catching Mitts
Blue Back Speller
+/- 12 World Globes
Brass Fire Extinguishers
vintage handmade Canes
Victorian Rug Beaters
vintage wooden Fish Net
vintage Brass Bud Vase w/ tooled scene
pairs of Book Ends
Blue Back Speller
vintage “Modern Décor hand Sewing Machine” in box
nut & fruit wooden Bowls

early Lamps, Candleholders & Lanterns
pr. Arts & Crafts Candleholders w/ Ruby Red Shades
Folk Art decorated Lantern
pair Teal Dolphin Candleholders
Dietz Reflector Lantern
pair vintage swirl Glass Oil Lamps
pair of Rail Road Lanterns (used on East Indian R.R.)
several vintage Oil Lamps
Elgin Lantern
vintage Enamelware Oil Lamp Filler
Dietz “Little Wizard” Lantern
P&H Stained Glass Lamp Shade
2 Dietz export Lanterns
#2 Dietz D-Lite Lantern
pair early 1900s Brass Candle Lamps w/ etched glass sides
pair Brass & Cast Iron Candleholders “Mason Candlelight Co.
pair of # 40 Traffic Guard Lanterns; Embury, Warsaw, N.Y.
other early Lanterns

14” Cast Iron Frying Pan “US Military”
large 17” Wagner Cast Iron Griddle
#9 & #10 Griswold Cast Iron Griddles
several 5” to 14” Cast Iron Frying Pans (Wagner, Griswold & others)
miniature Advertising Cast Iron Frying Pans
footed Cast Iron Frying Pan
9” rd. Cast Iron Scotch Bowl
4 rd. Cast Iron Griddles
Cast Iron Griddles
Cast Iron Kettles
Cast Iron Corn Muffin Pan
3 Iron Art Compote Bowl Stands

early & vintage Kitchen & Household Items
Graniteware Coffee Pots
vintage Copper & Tin Coffee Pot
vintage Pewter Coffee Pot
vintage Copper Kettle w/ dovetailed bottom
pat. 1908 # 4 Universal Bread Maker Bucket
early metal Candle Sniffer
Civil War era wooden handle Forks
Dep. Era White Kitchen Set
Toleware decorated Tin Sugar Canister
Toleware decorated Tin Bread Box
early Tin Cash Box
vintage Brass & Copper Items
vintage Brass Measures
primitive wooden Squirrel Cage Yarn Winder
primitive wooden Herb Drying Rack in paint
round wooden Butter Molds
very early wooden winding Spool
early wooden Butter Paddles
early wooden round Dough Bowls
vintage Tin Cookie Cutters
Dough Boards
vintage wooden Rolling Pins
several vintage Hand Beater
collection of vintage Kitchen Strainers
vintage Baking Pans & Cookware
# 1 Coleman metal Kitchen Funnel
hanging wooden Cloth Drying Rack

box lot of vintage wooden replacement Kitchen Tool Handles

Many Other Items *** Lunch Available *** Restroom

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(out of state checks accepted with bank letter)


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